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It’s all about multiple lists, offline access and getting your tasks on-the-go. But if you just need a place to jot down what you need to do and you want to see due dates in your calendar, it’ll do the job.To access Tasks, go to calendar.and click Tasks under My Calendars in the left sidebar.Sure, you can see your due dates in your to-do list app, but wouldn’t it be nicer to see them on your calendar, where all of your events are listed? In the examples below, we’ll be using Google Calendar. Almost everyone already has a personal or professional Gmail account, and that means they have Google Calendar, too.Second, because Google Calendar can sync with just about anything. For this reason, Google Calendar is a great central place to manage your task list.If your system isn’t currently amenable to syncing with Google Calendar, you do have another option.Zapier and IFTTT can connect a huge number of apps together, and many of them allow you to sync up Google Calendar.

As of right now, Sorted doesn’t support syncing with Google Calendar.Over the years, some of our loyal users have made a keen observation: while you can’t create more time, you may be able to use it more wisely if you could see your potentially infinite task list inside the regrettably finite space of your Google Calendar.Once you authorize the integration, tasks with a due date and/or time in Todoist will automatically be added to a Google calendar of your choosing.If you don’t see the link for Tasks, click the down arrow next to Reminders and select Switch to Tasks.You’ll now see your task list displayed to the right of the calendar, as well as reminders on the days you set your tasks to be due.

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For almost any task management system, there’s a good way to sync it with Google Calendar built right in.

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